Athletic Emergency Action Plan


Athletic Emergency Action Plan

The purpose of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is to guide athletic personnel, emergency medical services and law enforcement in responding to emergency situations when they occur. It is essential that the Athletic Department have a developed emergency plan that identifies the role of each member of the emergency response team, emergency communications, the necessary emergency equipment and the emergency protocol for each sporting venue.

Emergency Personnel 

‚ÄčAthletic Trainers (AT) are employed to provide leadership in the health care of the student-athlete including the emergency management of injuries/illnesses .

Coaches, staff supervisors of game management are trained and maintain certification in first-aid and CPR. Their role is to provide assistance to the AT as part of the emergency medical team in the event of an emergency. Annual review and update of the EAP is conducted with all athletic personnel so that each member of the emergency care team is aware of their respective role in the event of an emergency.

Immediate Care of Injured or Ill Athlete

There shall be at least one trained individual at all practices, competitive events, conditioning, and skill sessions. The minimal training is basic first aid and CPR. These individuals include the athletic trainer, coaches, and staff supervisors of game management. Appropriate emergency first aid steps must be taken in accordance with the level of certification that each trained member of the emergency care team has.


Emergency transportation of an injured/ill student-athlete is provided via the EMS system by contacting the 911 dispatch who will in turn summon an ambulance to the scene of the emergency. A parent or guardian of the student-athletes may provide transportation to a local emergency room for a student-athlete with a non-life threatening injury/illness.