Deanna Dibble, Assistant Superintendent


I am pleased to introduce myself.  I am Deanna Dibble and I am the Business Manager for Helendale School District.  I was hired by Helendale School District in 2003 as a fourth grade teacher.  I spent seven years teaching in room 5 at Helendale Elementary School.  In the spring of 2010, I was offered the opportunity to take over the business office.  Since then I have spent countless hours working to improve my knowledge of school business.  In 2012 I received certification as a Chief Business Official from the University of California, at Riverside.  

Helendale School District (HSD) is a K-8 elementary district with Helendale Elementary School (HES) educating grades K-6 and Riverview Middle School (RMS) educating grades 7-8.  HSD has two dependent charter schools; Academy of Careers and Explorations (ACE) educating grades 7-12 and Independence Charter Academy (ICA) offering alternative education to grades K-12.  HSD, ACE, and ICA have a combined operating budget of approximately $7,000,000.00. 

In November 2008, Helendale passed Measure X, a $20,000,000.00 bond measure.  Since then, HSD has built Helendale Secondary School (HSS), which houses ACE and RMS.  HSS is comprised of nineteen classrooms, a computer lab, a resource room, two science labs, a multipurpose room with a commercial kitchen, and a CIF baseball field. 

HSD has accepted the role of sponsoring two independent charter schools.  HSD now maintains oversight of Empire Springs Charter School and Alta Vista South Charter School.  Both schools operate programs in and near San Bernardino.

I work closely with the Superintendent to provide the best education to the students at HSD, ACE, and ICA.  My door is always open and I look forward to meeting with anyone who has questions, comments, or concerns about the business of Helendale School District. ​

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